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Would you like have green tea?

Wisteria flowers are just at their best.
Many people will probably go to see wisteria in full bloom during Golden Week.

To the north of Ashiya City, where our store is located, there is Mt. Rokko nearby, and you can feel the beauty of fresh greenery as you walk along the road near the mountain.
Looking at the green leaves, I felt like having green tea.

I served matcha with a ball-shaped lid dish made by Yamaheigama as if it were a "natsume", and on the foam plate, I served dried sweets related to Boy's Day celeblation .
It was a happy moment to feel the season with our eyes.

In the midst of the daily routine, it is a moment of rest and relaxation to have this kind of time.

We have also made a video of this event, if you would like to watch it.

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