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Hangesho in a vase made by Tasuku Mitsufuji

Today is July 2.
It is the time of year called "Hangesho", one of the traditional Japanese miscellaneous festivals.
Hangesho is the five-day period from around July 2, the 11th day counting from the summer solstice, to Tanabata (July 7). (In 2024, it was July 1.)

It was said that rice planting should be finished by the beginning of "Hangesho".
It is believed that people in the past prayed for a good rice harvest on this day after successfully completing rice planting.

The other day, I arranged "Hangesho", which was given to me by a customer, in a container made by Mr. Mitsufuji.

When the gently curving, yet quickly rising hangesho is placed in Mr. Mitsufuji's vase, it is as if a new life has been breathed into the flower, and the flower is now ready for use.
The hangesho look as if a new life has been breathed into them.

This is "Fueseikakiotoshibotanmonhenko" by Mr. Mitsufuji,
The flattened jar is a flattened jar with a flattened copper body, which is held tightly from both sides to form a flattened shape.
It was a favorite design on the continent in ancient times, and the shape is found in many parts of the world, including Western Asia, ancient Egypt and China.

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