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EDGY~In search of ultimate beauty.~

February 29(Thursday)  - March 6 (Wednesday)2024

EDGY - In search of ultimate beauty.

Hirotsune Nakazato (porcelain)
Nakamoto Ryouji (Woodwork)
Tomohito Funaki (Lacquerware)
Hiromi Urushiyama (Lacquerware)

The beauty of things,
Facing oneself,
I put everything I have into my work,
I pursue extreme beauty.

Through the works of these makers, who are dedicated to their craft,
The display will show the one and only world of Nakazato's work.
The display also uses ceramic stones, which are the starting point of Nakazato's work, to show the world of Ashiya kitcho-toya in a way that has never been seen before.

February 29 (Thursday)
Demonstration of the rokuro (potter's wheel) by Hirotsune Nakazato.

 March 1(Friday), 10:00 - 12:00
FIKADECO Table, Seminar by Ms. Yoko Iwasaki with tea and tea sweets ¥3,500 10 persons (first-come-first-served basis)
Please register by phone from February 6.


 February 29 is the anniversary of Ashiya kitcho-toya's opening.
On this day Ashiya Kitcho-toya turns 16 years old.

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